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My Journey

About my Journey

For decades I strived to be what I believed I was supposed to be. I struggled to find purpose, meaning and connection through understanding the ideals I saw in the world, concepts and values that I believed were to be admired and ways I was told were the best way to live.
I understand now why those years striving and struggling kept me stuck feeling like I had failed. 
I had failed at living by other’s ideals and standards.
Transformation began when I realized that all those things that other people accepted as the right ways, or the right way to go about being, were not the right way for me to be.
I realized that it wasn’t that I was not living up to the way I should be but that I was not honoring the way I was.
What began as a deconstruction of all that I had previously built my life upon evolved into the belief that I could build my authentic life by living in a self-directed and intentional way centered on my own values.
The path was neither clear nor easy; no one could have forged my path for me. Not only did no one have the answers but looking outside of myself was how I had gone so very wrong before.
I never thought I could find my way on my own. I was searching for something to guide me but nothing felt right.
Once I started the practice of SoulCollage® I learned to recognize and trust my own wisdom. I could not have done that if it had rigid rules.
SoulCollage® is open ended. It isn’t about doing anything the right way, there is no wrong way, it is about finding your own personal way.
My personal SoulCollage® practice is the scaffolding to keep me focused and organized on what matters to me and not bogged down in comparisons with others.
Everyday, SoulCollage® is showing me how to honor and live by values that make sense to me, not looking to the external expectations that were placed on me either by society or by the people that were influencing my life. I am discovering new ways to feel comfortable in my own skin and confident that even when I can not see my values precisely reflected in others, that does not make them any less valid.
I am using the SoulCollage® process to support and direct a life lived intentionally authentic.